Moviecats can help you whether you are looking for someone to produce your commercial or product video or if you need staff for your feature film.


Our staff have experiance in a variety of fields such as:


Preproduction: Location scouting, logistics setup


Production: Camera operators, Steadiecam operator, Underwater film/still camera operator, Sound crew, transportation, lighting,


Postproduction: Editing, Sound


On staff we have specialists like:

Scuba diving photographer, director and videographer, Steadiecam operator.


Our construction and set decor department:

have built complete buildings and fronts for all ready existing structures. A variety of indoor and outdoor scenery. Caves, Wild West towns, Stores, Castles, Miniatures etc


Among other specailitys that our staff have you can find:

Pilot, Truck Bus and Limo drivers, Security Specialists, Logistic Specialists, Scuba Instructor.


Our Staff speak:

English, Russian, German, Swedish, Norwegian and Polish.



CONTACT US AT info@moviecats.eu